Can you feel me?

We live on a beautiful planet, precious and unique; where humans are not yet able to find out if we are the only alive species in this vastness.

The only certainty we have is the fact that everything is connected, perfectly.

Rain for example, it is a vital element for the entire planet, a moving water that follows its own route, when it comes to meet humans, it drags all to a state of mind where let us cope with emotions stored into the deepest self, with that part that left unconnected which we are not longer able to recognise.

Rain cleans, quenches and clarifies; it comes when needed.

I love when it rains, it’s easy to feel the connection with the nature, also people are more present into the now and then when it’s time to cope with our inner world.

I found fascinating seeing people on the buses, able to be there, exactly where they were while raining during their journeys.


November 2018 – London

Inspired by a fantastic project made by a talented Street Photographer Nick Turpin.