Portrait, fashion and sometimes landscape photographer Luce’s dreamy images blur the lines between editorial photography and art, her work creates dualistic dialogues between aesthetics and nature, ruminating around organic subjects with intimacy and visual flair.

Luce is interested in the mastering of natural light. Through atmospheric sunsets and sweeping grey skylines, the models become muses of nature.

The images are a manifestation of empowerment – of finding the sublime in everyday wildlife and in the retrieval of emotion through movement and gesture; from rejecting stereotypes, to enabling change.

Born in Italy, Luce fell into photography since was a child beside her passion for painting and drawing portraits.

Luce has moved to London more than 7 years ago to pursue her career in the visual arts, along with her photography, she worked in few art galleries where now is dedicating her full time making fairs and exhibitions happen all over the world as a Fine Art Agent. Luce’s goal is to make photography as her primary job and to be a full time artist.