Hi there,

Since the Covid19 pandemic has happened, like many other artists, my work, my creativity, life in general has been put on a halt, and so, for now, I have had to learn to adapt and turn my creativity around.

During this time, I’ve been thinking of starting a new project involving families in isolation and how the pandemic has affected their lives altogether, in particular, I would be interested in showing the relationship between fathers and their children.

This project aims to really expose and explore through the camera this intimate relationship and what chafed the current situation might have brought up.

The reason why I turned my attention to wanting to capture the bond between fathers and sons is because I have noticed an increased number of images portraying other sorts of relationships and I wanted to provide an opportunity to share another aspect of the family unit.

Relationships have undoubtedly changed during this time, some may have improved and some may have become a bit more complicated, but I want to believe that in spite of the changes forced upon our lives, these relationships have evolved and somehow strengthened. One can learn from another and we have been given the chance to do it.

Whether you are a-stay-at-home dad or not, or whether that has changed throughout this period, that is what I want to show and your relationship with your children.

The photoshoot will be happening in London only, since it would be easier for all parties involved.

I really hope you like the idea and would love to take part in it! The photoshoot will be happening right outside your doorsteps! My vision of it is for the two, three, the more the merrier of you, to step outside your main door wearing a t-shirt of the same colour – choose a colour that you think may represent your special bond!
We will make sure the safety distance is maintained throughout the process!

If you feel like participating, please, drop me an email with your contact details to LuceLapadula@gmail.com, so we can arrange a date and time!

If you take part, I’d love to share your feedback on this and I’d like you to spread the word!

The deadline for the project 30th July 2020!

Published by Luce Lapadula

Italian Photographer based in London