Never Too Far

I have meditated on this project in my house in London, when I came across the possibility to be creative even if I couldn’t meet any models or get closer than 2 mt. to any other human beings, except my housemate and cute animals that approach during my runs in the park. 

It’s a very weird time for all of us, for the entire planet. This pandemic breakout affects each and all of us, in different ways, but it clearly shows us how well everything is connected, all is a part of the same chain, plan, whatever you want to call it.

I have realised that thanks to the internet we shouldn’t see damage to the interaction area between each other. I see an increase in interpersonal connections during this social distancing. 

Currently, everything is changing rapidly. The pandemic caused uncertainty almost in every area of our existence, especially in our work-life balance. However, the reality is different for every individual. 

Right now it’s scary, the fear of “the uncertainty” could cause the decline in creativity, however, I think creativity shouldn’t be placed into a box until all is over. We should use this time to explore ways to be more productive, in every field. Perhaps it could be the time for the human race to evolve as we still have a beautiful planet to enjoy and explore. Let us evolve the way we approach things, so that we may enter into the new era. Albeit, for now, I try to embrace my creativity and find solutions, rather than let “the wait” to consume me. I strive to go beyond the security of my professional tools and discover new ways to produce images. 

Despite the bad side of this situation, we can now use this extraordinary time, to do things we didn’t have time to do, to discover new talent, a new hobby and maybe reconnect with nature and bring back awareness into our inner world. 

We can take social distance to revitalise ourselves, spend time with our family and slow down to rediscover our passion. 

I have created this project to bring together different people from some part of the world as one. The project called to accommodate the needs of everyone on both sides of the creative process, model and photographer. I have asked models to pose for me after sending them a moodborad. Shoots happened via video call, the locations were their houses and the gear our camera phones.

Shawna Kirkham – Edmonton, Alberta – Canada @shawna_kirkham

Alejandra Bela – London, United Kingdom @alejandrabela

Lucy Beall – Scotland, United Kingdom @Lucy_bealll

Katie Horan – London, United Kingdom @khoranuk

Lerry – London, United Kingdom @i_am_lerry

Karmín – Buenos Aires, Argentina @karminycharol

To all creatives out there: photographers, videographers, models, editors etc.. I would like to say ‘let’s stick together’. Everybody is going through this and could face a lack of possibilities to make new content.

Published by Luce Lapadula

Italian Photographer based in London